Get a website that gets you more Business

A website is no longer a static portfolio, that you create and keep waiting for your customers to call you! It is a major part of your business that acts as a marketing funnel hand holding you through the process, solving your business problems.

We handhold, right from where you want us to!


We will strategize the conversion of your leads enabling you to send the right newsletters regularly.


You can now invoice your clients right out of the box and get paid instantly online, using payment gateways.

Organic Marketing

To generate more leads we find it necessary to have articles being posted on multiple platforms.

Srichand Kaushik

With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, I realized the fact that a website is a mixture of Business, Technology, and Creativity. With this intention, I started TechSorber.

You have the best website only when it passes on leads, and you use your website as a tool to convert them.