10 Stunning Slider Designs for Homepages of Modern Websites

We have been learning how useful sliders are from the past few articles. This is the fifth one where we will see the different slider designs for homepages of modern websites through templates (by not increasing the load of the websites and losing out on SEO) and know how and where to place sliders for the modern website’s best outcome.

What is a Slider on a Website?

A slider is a dynamically changing set of objects on a loop. By object, we mean any media type like Images, Videos, Text, Animation, etc. Each object is a slide and hence the name slider.

From the previous few articles, we know the different types of sliders and their designs that are frequently used. Let us remember them before going ahead with this article. They are:

More or less a modern stunning slider is placed below the (sticky) header or a widget area of a WordPress website. It just enables using a plugin. There are several plugins available in WordPress for different purposes.

While Depicter adds slider functionality and UI to a WordPress Website, while The Essential Grid adds grid functionality.

What do you put on a Modern Website Slider Design?

With the advancement in technology and the advent of CSS3, JQuery, and Advanced JavaScript, there has been an increase in the ability to add advanced objects to a Modern Website Slider Design.


Slider Container
Slider Container

A container that can simultaneously accommodate several objects of HTML, including HTML tags. Inside this container, you can add innumerable objects that will be our next.


Modern Slider Design with content

Content is where the main components of the slider are added. The components that can be added here are:

  • Images as flat and transparent
  • Videos as background and foreground
  • Text both in the form of content and titles
  • Buttons or any other HTML element

Control Panel

Slider with Navigation
Slider with Control Panel

An interface is provided to the user using which they can navigate through the slider, linearly. Two arrows are placed on either side of the container, and on clicked moves to the next or previous slides.


Slider Pagination
Slider Pagination

When there is a requirement of jumping to a particular slide direct;y, this control will come to our help. This is what you see on the bottom of the container which will be a set of horizontal dots clicking on one of those will take us to the respective slide.


Slider with Thumbnails

A set of small images that are a copy of the sliders, take you to the original sliders when clicked on them. This is again available for easy navigation.

Do Sliders Affect SEO?

Sliders of yesteryear would affect SEO, but that is not the case now. Modern Sliders come with very light loading capabilities that prove good for SEO. Even the text that we add to the slider in the form of titles or content is easily indexed by search engines.

It is just that we should use the right plugins of WordPress that add the functionality of sliders that help get the text indexed.

How can I Create a Slider Design for my Website?

We normally use either of the two sliders. Depicter: an open-source plugin for WordPress or the Revolution Slider that has a lot of features and is easy to create stunning modern slider designs. You can install the plugin and start following this article or this to get an idea of using it.

Business Websites that have used Slider Designs Effectively

Let us now look at some of the links where they have used the sliders to their best. We will go through them one by one.

1. Image Slider Design

Starting from the images sliders, this website that is famous for its production of animation movies. Yes, we are talking about DreamWorks. This has a unique kind of image slider where the slider has more than one image at a time.

Clicking on each of these videos will take you to the respective movie.

Collection of movies in a carousel slider with titles

2. Post Slider Design

An example of a simple slider design that takes data from a post. This displays an image full screen with the navigations like the linear slider change. The post title and an excerpt will be displayed on the slider just at the bottom right of the slider along with the date.

Clicking on the link of the post will take you to the post of the blog.

Collection of posts from a blog

3. Image Slider Design with a new Transition

This is a simple image slider design that keeps changing with no navigation other than arrow linear navigation. Clicking on the arrow will take you to the next slider. What is different in this slider is the transition. The transition is like a horizontal parallax with a seamless change in the slide.

Text is visible on the left slide of the slider clicking which will take you to read more of the content.

Image Slider with text flowing on the left side

4. Image Slider Design with Action Button

This is very similar to the previous one. The image keeps changing along with the title and text. Along with the title and content is a button that takes you to a URL that is assigned to it. This button is the main difference between this slider and the previous one.

Along with this as you can see, the images change even when you tap and slide the mouse or finger. So, essentially these are responsive slider designs that can get adjusted to any device.

Image Slider with Action Button

5. Product Bidding Slider Design

This comes with one action button on the left side of the slider design and two product bids on the right side. The products added are seamlessly shown in the slider from where you can bid or purchase the product based on the URL provided to the button.

Each of the transitions for these sliders is unique and works on all devices.

Product Bidding with two products at a time

6. Accurate Alignment of Arrow and Image in Slider Design

This modern sider design is a clear demonstration of displaying an accurate vector and raster coordination. A vector line accurately intersects with the mouth of three different raster image faces. This is the uniqueness of this slider.

The transition is different and minimalist which most of us will like along with

Vector and Raster Image Coordination

7. Split Image Slider Design

The slider is split into two halves making the slider good for a couple who are getting married. The picture of one of the couples is displayed on the right side and the other is on the left side.

The slider content exits with a top slide out and enters with an intersection or more like a door closing transitioning seamlessly.

8. Video Foreground Slider Design

This modern slider design has a dedicated space where a video is added instead of an image. This video is not in the background, but instead in the foreground.

The video is displayed in the middle of the image and text. The image is a reference to the same video.

9. Video Slider Design in the Background

Like how the previous type of slider has a video in the foreground, this modern slider design has a video in the background. That video is covered completely in the slider container.

Two places are shown on the video background in the form of images, showcasing the places relevant to the video.

Video in the Background

10. Faded Middle Image Slider Design

The image in the middle comes fading which gives a unique appeal. The title comes on the faded image. This will be good where you need to showcase the images.

Clicking on each of the images will take the user to show the work done.

Faded Middle Image Slider Design

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